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Best Cyberstud Bitcoin Online Poker Casinos

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BonusLimassol, Cyprus
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  • Cyberstud
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Cyberstud Poker is an innovative and simple poker game with the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. You play against the dealer and try to beat him. You should bet higher amounts if you hold a strong hand and bet smaller amounts if you have a bad hand.

The game begins with the player placing two separate bets on the table. You can determine the first bet, the so-called ante bet, yourself. The second bet is the contribution to the progressive jackpot and is always one credit.

You choose the amount of your ante bet and if you have placed it by clicking on the button, your contribution to the progressive jackpot is automatically deducted from your balance. At this point, the deal is closed. The player receives five face-up cards from the Dealer, while the player also sees one of the Dealer's cards face-up. At this point, you have the first decision in the game to make.

After comparing your hand to the dealer's card, you can choose one of two things. If you feel that your hand is going to lose, you can fold. This means that you lose your ante bet and your progressive jackpot contribution and the dealer wins the hand.

Alternatively, you can call. If you call and double, the original ante bet is doubled and added to your current bet. For example, if you bet an original ante bet of 5 credits, your call bet would be 10 credits. As a result, you would have a total bet of 15 credits in the pot, plus your contribution of 1 credit to the Progressive Jackpot Fund.

Once you have called, the dealer receives the remaining four cards to complete the poker hand. The winner is then determined by comparing the hands.

Dealer Qualification

One of the best features of the game is the dealer qualification. In order for a dealer's hand to qualify, he must have at least an Ace and a King or higher. If the dealer's hand does not contain at least one ace, then the dealer's hand does not qualify and the player automatically gets back his call bet in full and an even payout on his ante bet.

So, in the above example, if the dealer's hand does not qualify after a call, the player gets his 10 Credits Call bet and his 5 Credits Ante bet back, plus another 5 Credits from the casino because the dealer did not qualify. A win of 5 credits. Things change when the dealer's hand qualifies.

If the dealer's hand beats the player's hand, the player loses his ante bet and call bet, as well as his right to the progressive jackpot. However, if your hand beats the dealer's hand, you win a guaranteed 1:1 payout on your ante bet, while the amount you get back from your call bet depends on the strength of your hand.

The stronger your hand, the higher your payout. This can range from a steady return (for two pairs, a pair or an Ace-King hand) to 999 times your Call Bet if you manage to land a Royal Flush.

How does Cyberstud Poker's progressive jackpot work?

To win the entire progressive jackpot, you must receive a Royal Flush. Only a Royal Flush (10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace of the same suit) triggers the full progressive win. However, you can still win other jackpots for other hands.

A straight flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit) pays 20,000 credits, a quad pays 500 credits, a full house pays 100 credits and a flush pays 50 credits.

You receive the progressive winnings in addition to those of the base game. So, for example, if you win a hand against the dealer by landing a full house, you win a 14-1 payout from your call bet, an even payout from your ante, plus 100 credits from the progressive jackpot for your 1 credit progressive jackpot bet.

Cyberstud is an innovative progressive game that will appeal to both poker players and slot enthusiasts looking for a new challenge. Poker skills are not a necessity. Because it's easy to judge whether you have a strong hand to beat the dealer.